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ASSTICONS is a brand created to bring you FUN. ASSticons are a series of FUNmojis that represents all

kinds of emotions that can be express in any and every way possible. To make it absolutely FUN we

created it from the anatomy of a donkey (ASS) and named it ASSticons. Our mojo is to Have FUN, but

in order to do that we Made things FUN through ASSticons, so that we can Be FUN.
ASSTICONS have a unique way of portraying FUN. This is accomplished through 8 amazing and

exciting FUN Series. These 8 series helps to bring ASSticons to a whole new level of FUN for you.
ASSTICONS Generation 1 are on the Metaverse living in the Ethereum Blockchain. ASSticons

Generation 1 first came out in 2016. As we are already into Generation 2 of the New ASSticons,

Generation 1 has become of a historical significance. We have only just started to list them on

Opensea since April 2022 and we are building momentum to accomplish something for our

community to own a part of the ASSticons Hostory in the Meta World. Come and join in our pride and

joy of owning a part of history in ASSticons.
ASSTICONS thrive on collaborations and partnerships. If you are thinking of collaborating with the

ASSticons brand, drop us a DM.
Founder & Creator
Artist & Art Direction
ASSTICONS believes in building a community. This is because ASSticons is a social brand that is trying to

build the most amazing FUN and social experience ever in real life, the internet and the metaverse.

And it starts with each and every individual to make this happen. We believe that if a community

thrives, then the lives of individuals will thrive. We call this community ASSticonians.

This community builders are called our ASSticons Advocates.